Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)


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Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Basics

An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a report outlining existing or potential environmental liabilities. The report details Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) and identifies environmental contamination that has the potential to impact property values. The Phase I ESA is also needed to demonstrate that prospective landowners have satisfied the "all appropriate inquiry" (AAI) requirement used to establish an innocent landowner defense against CERCLA/"Superfund" liabilities.

Phase I and Phase II ESA services are typically of the most interest to our clients.

Phase I ESA

Phase I ESAs do not involve sampling of air, soil, water, or any other environmental media. Instead, the focus of a Phase I ESA is on the examination of the property, historical records, prior land uses, regulatory records, topographic maps, and interviews with those knowledgeable about the property's history. If the site reconnaissance and document review indicate that RECs are present at the site, then a Phase II ESA may be conducted.

Phase II ESA

Sampling of soil, water, and other environmental media typically takes place in a Phase II ESA to determine which contaminants may be present and to better understand the extent of any contamination quantitatively. Essentially, if RECs are identified during the Phase I ESA, then the Phase II ESA lets us determine the extent of any potential problems. Our environmental experts are skilled samplers, have the tools needed to properly identify and delineate potential contamination, and will work to ensure that you understand the analytical results associated with Phase II ESA work. 


Specialized ESAs for the Oil & Gas Industry

ESAs were originally conceived of for assessing risk at properties very different from the land frequently acquired by oil and gas operating companies.

Oftentimes, clients do not want the expense associated with a full ASTM Standard ESA for their oil and gas properties. For this reason, Sport Environmental is happy to work with clients to prepare Specialized ESAs (SESAs) tailored to their needs. For example, some clients request that in addition to performing standard reviews of historical aerial imagery and gathering data on prior land usage, that we visit each well or battery intended for purchase, that we note the presence of out-of-service equipment or spills, that we check regulatory databases for records of releases, and that we provide photographs of the each facility of interest.

If there are tasks we can help with that make purchasing a property a more pleasant experience for you and your company, let us know.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Sport Environmental's registered environmental professionals also offer ASTM Standard 1527-13 Phase I ESAs for commercial properties and other real estate transactions.