Litigation Support


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This is an overview of the services we most frequently provide. If your company has other needs, our experts have a wide variety of skills that allow us to handle unusual and challenging projects. Give us a call or email and if we can't help you, we may know someone who can.



Litigation Support

If your firm is in need of support with regard to environmental matters, Sport Environmental has an established record of providing clear, straightforward, and understandable explanations of complex scientific and technical issues related to a number of environmental issues.

In addition to project-specific tasks unique to each legal professional's requests, we offer:

  • Document and data review services;
  • Report preparation;
  • Exhibit preparation;
  • Remediation cost estimates;
  • Expert opinion services; and
  • Expert testimony (trial and depositions).

Please contact us to inquire as to whether we may be of service.