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Why are you called "Sport Environmental"? Do you guys GROW grass for football fields?

You may be wondering where the name "Sport Environmental" comes from -- it's a little unusual for an environmental consulting company primarily serving the oil and gas industry, isn't it? Long story short, Sport was the company president's maiden name and it stuck. So, if you were hoping to find a company to install a football field, then that's a little bit outside our area of expertise -- we're really good at restoring vegetation after a hydrocarbon release though!

If you want to know a bit more about our company's history, check out the article in Permian Basin Oil & Gas Magazine's May 2018 issue. You'll also get a taste for the cutting edge data management solutions we use to help our clients operate efficiently.

Tell me more about GISport & Data Management?

We're glad you asked. GISport runs on ESRI’s ArcGIS Online software and originally functioned as an intra-office tool for our employees to enhance data management practices and increase efficiency. Now, we use it to assist clients with regulatory applicability determinations, to track equipment, and the manage environmental risk. Companies that request multiple service packages from Sport Environmental have the opportunity to receive access to their company specific data and can view key compliance documents such as air permits and SPCC Plans at the click of a button using their computers or smartphones.

I'd Like to buy a commercial property. Can you help me understand its environmental history?

Absolutely! In addition to providing specialized environmental site assessments for oil and gas purchases, Sport Environmental offers ASTM Standard Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).

We offer Phase I ESAs for almost any type of property of almost any size you can imagine. From large private ranches in the country to corner stores downtown, we have you covered.

Our Phase II ESA services, which include delineation sampling, are also available if unusual conditions are identified.

Is sport environmental insured? Are your employees trained and knowledgeable about oilfield safety?

Yes! And we're glad you asked -- Sport Environmental's field teams are BOP and SafeLand Onshore Trained. We ensure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) safety training is current and that our employees receive on-going training and professional development appropriate to their roles. If you need more detailed information to be certain that we meet your company's safety standards, we'll be more than happy to provide this information.

Do you remediate asbestos or lead-based paint?

No, the remediation of asbestos and lead-based paint is not a service we offer. However, we can help put you in contact with contractors in the area who have expertise in this area, if you'd like.

If we want to train our employees on an environmental compliance topic, is that something you can help with?

Definitely! In fact, we believe good training is so important that we offer it at a highly-discounted rate to our clients' employees on an annual basis if we already provide a matching service. For example, if a client has us handle their SPCC needs, Sport Environmental will prepare annual training materials needed to meet established SPCC training requirements. In addition, we prepare test materials to ensure those in attendance understood the topic covered and that your company has a record of those in attendance.

I have a project that isn't described here or in your services page. is it still worth reaching out to sport environmental?

Yes! We handle all sorts of projects, but since the environmental field can be overwhelming as it is, we've opted not to bog our website visitors down with too much detail. We enjoy taking on unusual or challenging projects and have had great success with clients that bring in special projects. We have a solid understanding of our company's capabilities, so if your project is something we can handle we can let you know quickly. If it's not, we'll also let you know quickly and can probably put you in contact with others who might be better able to help.

Go ahead and give us a call at (432) 683-1100 -- we'll put you in touch with an environmental expert within minutes!

You all seem pretty helpful... what's the catch?

No catch. We're just confident that you'll like us if you work with us and that we provide an excellent value to our clients. Once we start working for a client, they typically see how useful having an environmental expert on hand can be and our office stays busy with repeat business. That's why we're happy to provide referrals to third-parties for projects outside our scope or that better fit your needs.

What if I don't yet know what type of air permit i need?

This one is easy -- you're not expected to know what type of air permit you need when you meet with Sport Environmental. Our environmental experts have the experience and training to ask the right questions about your operations so there's no unnecessary stress about navigating the permitting process. We stay up-to-date on regulatory changes and have been serving our clients in the energy production industry long enough to really understand their operations -- this lets us help you select the most appropriate permit for your needs.

Do you sample soil and water?

We sure do! Our field team is prepared to handle your soil and water sampling needs. We even have a GeoProbe 540UD that allows us to collect discrete depth soil samples -- this means we mean business when it comes to sampling! Check out the pictures of our GeoProbe in action -- it's a great tool for collecting soil samples at depths greater than hand auguring will allow. We also have a custom-built mobile environmental lab -- how about that roll-out sampling table? We're ready for almost anything your project requires.

HELP! We've had an Oil or Produced Water Spill. We've stopped the release, but how do we Clean it up and make sure the RRC, TCEQ, NMOCD, or BLM knows that it's clean?

Once the release is under control, give us a call and our field team will be ready to map the release area, begin taking soil and/or water samples, help coordinate cleanup, and arrange for appropriate disposal of affected materials.

Next, our environmental experts will help your company work with regulatory agencies to craft cost-effective and environmentally protective remediation solutions. Sport Environmental will provide guidance at every stage and ensure that your company has complete records showing cleanup to regulatory standards. We'll also work with you to prevent future releases and manage environmental risks.

I received a scary looking letter from a regulatory agency. What should i do?

Don't panic. Chances are that the letter, despite looking quite ominous, focuses on issues that can be resolved without incident. Our environmental experts can help you review the message and provide guidance on available options.

Don't wait. The faster your company speaks with an environmental expert, the faster you can respond and resolve the issue. Having more time means you have more options.

Do give us a call. Our number is (432) 683-1100. If we can't help you, chances are we can help refer you to someone who can.

A regulatory agency (RRC, TCEQ, EPA, NMOCD, blm, etc.) visited our facility and it didn't go as well as we wanted. can you help?

Yes! Our environmental experts are familiar with regulatory compliance matters that frequently affect the energy production industry and related fields. We've successfully helped clients resolve single issue problems and even worked closely with operators to craft comprehensive environmental programs. Tell us what's going on and we'll be happy to help.

What Sets Sport Environmental apart from others as a good value for my company?

Our company has a depth and breadth of experience far greater than would usually be expected at a company of our size. By staying lean, building our team's skill sets, and harnessing some of the latest technological advances to make our work more efficient, we're able to provide our clients with the information needed to operate confidently without incurring the costs needed to support a large or inefficient consulting firm. We're confident that our services provide the peace of mind our clients seek when they first start looking for environmental assistance.

Our clients understand the value of preventing environmental issues -- noncompliance issues are expensive to remediate, potentially hazardous to human health and the environment, and can create unsafe conditions for the employees they value. Our clients choose Sport Environmental because they value their reputation as good operators and environmentally responsible members of the oil and gas industry. Our clients know we're committed to helping them.

This all sounds great, but how on earth do I start?

You'll be well on your way with a simple phone call to (432) 683-1100 -- all you need to do is ask to speak with an environmental expert. Your initial consultation will be free and carries no obligation. We'll talk about your unique needs, anything environmental that has been weighing on your mind, and design a plan that addresses your highest priorities and gives your company the biggest bang for its environmental buck. If you decide to work with us, we'll help you put that plan into action.

You can also use our online form by clicking the link below if that's more your style.