What I found was a goldmine of information.
— Dub Huddelston, P.E. (Ocelot Energy Management)

Happy Clients


The company I work for recently purchased the operating rights to an established field in the Permian Basin.  We had very limited information of what we had acquired.  In a stack of documents, I found the Sport Environmental logo at the bottom of a plot plan.  I called their office just hoping to gain a little more information on what we owned.  I spoke with Debi, the company President, and what I found was a goldmine of information.  Sport Environmental had equipment information, drawings and coordinates on every well, battery and compressor station in our field.  They also had copies of existing operating permits and other compliance documents.  Since this initial meeting, we have used Sport Environmental for all our environmental compliance and permitting needs.  Debi and her staff are experienced, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  I highly recommend Sport Environmental Services for all of your environmental related issues.

— Dub Huddelston, P.E.
  Ocelot Energy Management

Sport Environmental really looks out for their customers. This is a company that keeps talented people around and they’re capable of handling the many complicated matters we deal with in this industry. Sport is always helping clients comply with regulations in a smart, economical fashion. I find Sport Environmental to be very capable. 

— Richard Brantley
  University Lands


I can always count on Sport to provide great service. Their staff is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They are part of our environmental team.

— Mark Ehrlich, P.G.
  Basic Energy Services


Over the years, I’ve worked for companies that would have needed an entire in-house environmental department to accomplish what Sport Environmental does. At each of those companies, Sport Environmental’s services have been welcomed because of the tremendous value they provide. Instead of the expenses (e.g., salary, insurance, retirement, training, etc.) that would be involved with hiring even a single person to handle environmental matters, we’re able to work with an entire group of highly skilled professionals who have a wide-ranging knowledge of environmental issues. Sport has expertise with multiple environmental filings that others simply don’t offer — even complex air permitting is routine for this company — and their response time is always great. Having a relationship with Sport Environmental lets me replicate the in-house environmental team experience at a fraction of the cost.

The people at Sport care about the facilities I manage as if they were their own and seamlessly integrate with my operations whether it be with well-researched regulatory insights or with their dedicated field team. I know that whenever I call, Sport Environmental has someone with the experience to handle the job and, even more importantly, that I can trust that person to look out for our best interests the same way in-house personnel would. In short, I absolutely recommend Sport Environmental Services – their devotion to our success goes over and above all expectations.

— Jay McKee
  Triple Crown Resources